WP Optin Wheel 1.2.4 – release notes

We have 2 new features in today’s WP Optin Wheel update:

1. Anti-cheat engine

To help battle fake email address submissions, we have launched a new setting under the Behavior Settings tab:

WP Optin Wheel anti-cheat engine settings

When activated, we’ll send each email address to an external service for validation. In essence, 2 things will be done for each optin:

  1. Validate the email’s domain name against well known fake email domains (such as 10MinuteEmails etc.)
  2. Verify there’s an MX record attached to the domain name.

This process will eliminate nearly 95% of fake email addresses. There’s only one drawback: we’re making an external request so that the heavy lifting isn’t done on your WordPress site.  This may result in the process taking a little longer than before.

2. Exit-intent on mobile devices

Exit-intent is the behavior in which a user is about to leave your website. On desktops, we track this by following mouse movements. As such, we can determine precisely when the user is about to exit. However, on mobile devices, this a lot harder to determine since there is no mouse pointer to keep track of.

In WP Optin Wheel version 1.2.4 and up, we’ve added a fallback for exit-intent on mobile: we are tracking the scroll behavior to try and determine if a user is going to leave your website.

That’s it for this update. Stay tuned for more!