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Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce lets you add extra options to your products, like text boxes, dropdowns, swatches, images, and more.

Advanced Product Fields WooCommerce
Many different field types Advanced Product Fields

Many different field types

You can choose between 16 different input types to add to your products, including: text boxes, number fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, image swatches, color swatches, date fields, and file upload.

You can also add content fields such as text, HTML, shortcodes, or extra images.

Conditional logic

If you need to make a complex or interactive form, conditional logic allows you to show or hide fields based on the values of other fields.

Conditional logic in WAPF
Adjust product price

Adjust the final product price

Each option has the ability to increase or decrease the final product price. Our plugin supports various pricing structures that can support even the most difficult pricing schemes.

You can choose to add an additional flat fee, quantity-based fee, or percentage-based fee to your product. For complex pricing schemes, our plugin supports formula-based pricing or “lookup table” pricing.

More incredible features

Take advantage of all the features of Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce. Improve your customers’ shopping experience with personalized products.

Per product or globally
Add fields to individual products, or create them globally and add to multiple products at once.
Supports tax settings
The plugin works with your WooCommerce tax settings.
Our plugin works together with a list of other plugins. Check compatibility here.
Repeatable fields
Fields can repeat by clicking a button or based upon the desired quantity.
Change the main product image
The main product image can change depending on selected options.
Multi-currency support
The plugin supports your multi-currency store if you use the popular WOOCS plugin.
Edit cart
Shoppers can edit their product data from the cart page.
Multi-lingual support
Integrates with your multi-lingual store via WPML or Polylang.
New & fast
We don’t support older Woo or WP versions so you can benefit from modern, fast code.

Choose your license

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  • 1 year of updates & support
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  • Use on 1 site
  • 1 year of updates & support
  • Extra field types
  • Extra "date" features
  • Advanced formula functions
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  • Extended version
  • Includes 6 addons
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Backed by a 14-day refund policy

If our plugin doesn’t work as promised, you’re backed by our 14-day refund policy to request your money back. Read about our policy here.

Version 2.7.11
Last updated 3 months ago
Changelog View here
WordPress 4.7.0+
WooCommerce 3.6.0+
PHP 5.6+
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of things I can do?

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce allows you to implement a wide variety of scenarios! Here are a few useful ideas:

Simple use-cases:

Simple use-cases:

There are a lot more things you can do with Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce! These ideas only scratch the surface.

What different field types are available?

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce comes with multiple fields that you can easily add to your products. You get the following field types:

  • Text (single or multi line): allow customers to enter custom text.
  • Number: customers can enter a number with customizable minimum, maximum, and decimal/whole number restrictions.
  • E-mail: Customers can enter an email address and receive a validation error for incorrect input.
  • URL: allow customers to enter a URL. They receive a validation error for incorrect input.
  • True or false: allow customers to check a single checkbox.
  • Checkboxes: allow customers to to select multiple checkboxes. You can define the minimum or maximum allowed selections.
  • Radio button: allow customers to select one out of multiple options available.
  • Dropdown: allow customers to select an option from a dropdown menu or select list.
  • File upload: allow customers to upload one or more files.
  • Date: allow customers to select a date from a date picker. You can restrict dates and days.
  • Color swatches: allows customers to select one or more colors from a visual list of colors.
  • Text swatches: allows customers to select one or more items from a button list.
  • Image swatches: allows customers to select one or more items from a list of clickable images. Image zooming is supported.
  • Content fields: you can add informative text, images, and HTML to your product pages too.
  • Shortcodes: you can add more 3rd party content through shortcodes.
  • Imags + quantities: allows customers to add quantities underneath images. Only available in the Extended version.
  • Calculation: display informational calculations (like square meters for example). Only available in the Extended version.

Read our detailed article of all field types plus examples.

How many fields can I add to a product?

With Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce, you can add an unlimited number of custom fields to each product.

Can I add the same fields to multiple products at once?

Absolutely! You can create fields once and assign them to individual products or to whole product groups via categories, tags, or types.

You can also exclude products in the same way.

Does the plugin work on variable products?

Yes! Out-of-the-box, Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce works on these product types:

  • Simple products
  • Variable products
  • Product variations
  • Subscription products
  • Variable subscription products

Can I charge an additional fee for product add-ons?

Yes! Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce has many different settings to help you increase or decrease the final product price. You can choose from the following types of price changes:

  • Flat fee: this adds a predefined flat fee to the product price.
  • Percentage-based flat fee: a percentage of the product base price will be added.
  • Amount × character count: increases the product price depending on the number of characters entered in a text field.
  • Amount × field value: increases the product price depending on a number entered by your customer. This is handy if you want to create a “pay what you want” or “name your price” product. This also allows you to accept custom donations.
  • Formula pricing: complex products often require their own formula-based pricing. This is handy for products with measurements or products with many data points.
  • Matrix pricing: product pricing based on a pricing table.

The price for each product add-on appears alongside the field. In addition, the final total price of the product will appear above the add to cart button. That way, customers know exactly how much they will pay.

Can product options display conditionally?

Yes! You can show or hide product options (or content blocks) depending on the input of another option.

Showing or hiding fields only at the right time is a good approach to improve the user experience on your WooCommerce product pages.

Is it compatible with other themes, plugins, and page builders?

The plugin works with any theme that follows the WooCommerce standards. Our plugin is also designed to take over the styling from your theme so they integrate gracefully.

The plugin works with a wide range of 3rd-party plugins. It is impossible to test all of them but we published a long list of compatible plugins here.

Page builders:
The plugin works with any page builder that is compatible with WooCommerce. We have succesfully tested the plugin with Elementor, Oxygen, WPBakery, Beaver Builder, and Divi.

There are a few notes about page builders to keep in mind, please refer to this document.

Does it work in my language?

The admin pages of Advanced Product Fields are in English, but the frontend comes with translations for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish. The plugin is translation-ready so you can translate it into your own language.

You can also use it on your multilingual site through WPML or Polylang.

What are the different purchase options?

The difference between each package (Pro, Extended, and the Bundle) is explained in this article.

What are the minimum system requirements?

To run the plugin, you need at least these requirements:

  • PHP 5.6+
  • WordPress 4.7.0+
  • WooCommerce 3.6.0+

Can I use my license on a development site?

Yes, and it doesn’t count towards your license activation limit! Unlimited test, development, and staging sites are included in your license, as long as our system can recognize the site as such.

Still have questions?

Can’t find an answer to your question? Search our knowledge base or get in touch via the contact page.