Advanced Product Fields Addons

Extend your Advanced Product Fields plugin with various features thanks to these available add-ons.

Advanced Product Fields Addons

ACF integration

Use ACF fields into your formula-based pricing in Advanced Product Fields.

Image upload features

Power up your APF upload fields with image editing & processing features.

Pre-fill fields through URL Parameters

Pre-fill fields on your product page by passing parameters into your product page’s URL.

Advanced Product Fields value by URL
Preview live content on your WooCommerce product images

Live content preview

Add live text previews, or uploaded image previews on your product’s main & gallery images.

Layered Image

Use different image layers to create the main product image, saving you time & configuration headaches.

Layered images add-on

Lookup table powerup

Easily manage lookup tables in your favorite spreadsheet app and upload into WordPress. No more code snippets required!

Do you need a feature that’s not in this list?
We’re constantly working on new add-ons so drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!