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Become an affiliate

Promote our plugins and earn a 20% commission on every sale. Sign up and start earning today!

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How to get started?

Sign up
Easily sign up to our affiliate portal. We manually review sign ups, so it can take up to 24 hours before you get approved.
Create blog posts, videos, or other content to promote our plugins.
Earn money
When a purchase is made through your referral, you get paid!
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Affiliate rules & terms

Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone who genuinely wants to promote our plugins through content or word of mouth and intends to use the affiliate program in a good manner.

Examples of good promotional methods:

  • Refer clients. You can share your affiliate link with your clients but they must buy the plugin (not you).
  • Write a blog post or review.
  • Share on social networks.
  • Help others online.

Who cannot become an affiliate?

You cannot join our affiliate program if any of the following is true:

  • You want to purchase the plugin for yourself.
  • You’re just looking for a discount.
  • You plan to use the affiliate links on a coupon or link site.
  • You plan to use the affiliate links in a spammy way, such as: email, link spamming, or comment spamming.
  • You plan to use the affiliate links on an illegal, unethical, or morally offensive website.
  • You act as if you are officially associated to Studio Wombat.
  • You are using our brand names and assets as your own.

We reserve the right to cancel your account and block pending payments if any of the above is true.

What are the payment terms?

Due to our 14-day refund policy, and dispute or refund laws, payments will be paid out the following month after 60 days. For example, commissions created in January will be paid out in April.

Payments will be made in USD to your PayPal email address.

There is a minimum requirement of $60 for a payout.

Is there a minimum amount for the payout?

Each payout will require a minimum amount of $60. Unfortunately, we have to use this tactic to combat affiliate spam.

Any payouts under the threshold will be rolled over and added to your next payout, so you do not lose any money.

How much is the commission exactly?

The current commission percentage is 20% and is subject to change at any time. We will notify you via email if we change the commission percentage.

The commission percentage is calculated based on the price of the purchase excluding taxes or discounts.

How long is the purchase window?

After your users visit our site, they have a 30-day window to purchase our plugin. You will receive a commission on any resulting sales.

Consequences of bad behavior

If we find your promotional methods to be not in keeping with these terms, we will reject commissions and disable your affiliate account. We may or may not notify you of this action.

Still have questions?

Can’t find an answer to your question? Search our knowledge base or get in touch via the contact page.