We work with great partners

Need more WooCommerce features? Our vetted partners can help! They complement our offering and ensure compatibility between their plugins and ours. Together with our partners, we create an ecosystem of compatible plugins and maintain a close relationship.

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What qualities define a partner?

We maintain a good relationship with our partners, either in person or online. A good line of communication is often needed to ensure compatibility between our plugins.
Experts in code & support
Our partners have a deep understanding of how WooCommerce works and favor quality over quantity when it comes to coding. Moreover, they offer you a friendly and professional support experience.
Small teams
We find big companies often lose sight of what’s important: quality work and personal support. That’s why we favor smaller companies (like us). We put customers first!


Puri.io is a WooCommerce plugin store that specializes in stock management plugins. Our team has personally vetted their plugins and can confirm their high quality. One plugin in particular, “Reserved Stock Pro”, is the best choice for large stores looking to reserve stock without underlying errors.

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Premmerce is a well-established WooCommerce plugin shop with years of experience. They specialize in developing SEO-focused plugins to help improve your website’s visibility. One of their standout offerings is the Permalink Manager plugin, which gives you full control over your permalink structure, leading to improved SEO performance.

Patrick Posner

Patrick Posner is a talented WordPress plugin developer with a keen eye for quality. He offers a range of WooCommerce plugins that we highly recommend, including Passster. This plugin allows you to easily password-protect your WooCommerce store, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access it.

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