All pricing options explained

Each product option you add with our plugin has a setting to change the final product price (by increasing or decreasing it).

For single-choice fields (like text or a number fields), the pricing setting looks like this:

Adjust Pricing setting on an APF field

For multiple-choice fields, the pricing settings are available for each choice you create:

Option pricing setting in APF

As you can see, you can set a Price Type which dictates how the price will be calculated. Below, is a list of all the possible pricing options and how you can use them.

Flat fee

A flat fee is a fixed price added to the product base price. An example could be a $2 surcharge for gift wrapping (a checkbox “Wrap this product as gift” could add $2 to the product price).

This price is not influenced by the quantity the user selects. So in our example above, if the user adds your product 2 times to their cart, the surcharge will still only be $2 (as opposed to $4).

Quantity based flat fee

This is the same principle as above, but this time, the fee will multiply with the quantity selected by the user. In our initial example, the fee would be $4.

Percentage based fee

A percentage of the product base price will be added.

Quantity based percentage fee

A percentage of the product base price will be added. This percentage will also be multiplied by the selected quantity.

Amount × character count

This is handy if you want buyers to pay per character.  This option will multiply your given amount with the length of the field’s value. Use-case example: engrave text into a ring.

Amount × character count × qty

This is the same rule as above, but quantity-based. The character total price is multiplied by the quantity the user adds to their cart.

Amount × field value

This pricing option is only applicable to number fields. It will multiply the field value with your given amount. Can be quantity-based. Use-case example: a pay-what-you-want donation option.

Amount × field value × qty

This option is the same as above but quantity-based. The total price of this option is multiplied by the quantity the user adds to their cart.

Formula pricing

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce also allows you to create more complex pricing structures through formulas. Read more about formulas here.

Lookup/matrix table pricing

Read more about the lookup/matrix pricing technique here.

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