Blank settings page in admin dashboard

If you’re trying to go the plugin’s setting page, but you’re getting a blank page, make sure you’re answering ‘yes’ to all questions below.

Are you using a newer version of the plugin?

Make sure you’ve installed version 1.0.2 or higher.

Are you using PHP version 5.4 or newer?

As stated in the minimum requirements, this plugin works best with PHP version 5.4 or higher. You can check your PHP version by installing a simple plugin. Once installed, go via your administrator dashboard to Settings > WordPress phpinfo(), and you’ll be able to see your active PHP version there.

You can contact your host to have them upgrade you to a newer PHP version. Please note this may break old code, so be careful when updating.

Is ‘asp_tags’ turned off?

If you’re using a version below PHP 7, it might be that a core setting called asp_tags is turned on. It will interfere with some of the JavaScript from the Business Hours plugin, so it needs to be turned off.

Check the setting’s value

To check if the setting is turned on or off, you can use the above mentioned plugin WordPress PhPInfo. Once it’s installed, go to Settings > WordPress phpinfo() and scroll until you find the asp_tags setting.

PHP info screen

The setting should be turned off.

Turn the setting off

You can turn the setting off by putting the following line in your php.ini file:

asp_tags = Off

If you’re still getting a blank page after successfully going through these questions, please contact support.

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