Exclude WP Optin Wheel on certain pages

While WP Optin Wheel has settings to choose where to display your wheels, it does not have a setting to exclude your wheel of fortune from a certain page. Instead, you can use this code snippet below to do so. Find out how to safely add the code to your site here.

Supply your license key to unlock the code

Since this is a custom-coded snippet, please enter your license key so we can verify your purchase.

You’ll need to make 2 changes to this snippet:

  • On line 3, change 123 to your wheel ID.
  • On line 4, change the list of IDs to the ID’s of the pages you need excluded.

Change display settings

Before you test the result, make sure to edit your wheel and go to the last step (“Settings”). In the “Behavior Settings” section, make sure to set “Show on pages” to “Everywhere”. Now your optin popup should show on all pages except the ones you excluded via the code snippet.

Need more code snippets to change the display settings of WP Optin Wheel? Here is a way to show your wheel of fortune popup on specific WordPress posts only.

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