Getting started with Business Hours Indicator

After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, it’s time to configure the settings to your liking.

1. Adding a location & hours

Before you can display anything, you have to insert at least one location and update its opening times.

  1. Go to the settings page via Settings > Business Hours Indicator Pro

  2. On the Location & Hours tab, Click Add Location
    Add a location
  3. Choose a unique name and click Add. This name is never displayed on the front end. Add a unique name
  4. On your new location, click Edit Hours. A popup window appears.
  5. Enter each day’s opening times. If you have a break over lunch, click the plus icon next to the opening times to add more time slots.
    Enter your opening times
  6. Click Done when you’re finished.
  7. Settings are automatically saved.

2. Display on your website

Now that you’ve added a location and opening times, adding them to your website is simple. You can use any of the available shortcodes or widgets to display time tables or opening hour indicators.

3. Tweak the output by changing settings

There are two ways to change the look & feel of the output:

  1. Via options on the Settings > Business Hours Indicator Pro page.
  2. By adding attributes to the shortcode.

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