How chances work

In this article, we’ll explain how WP Optin Wheel’s chance-based mechanism works.

Step 1: determine if a player will win

When a user plays one of your optin wheels, the system uses the value of your Global Winning Chance setting to determine if a player will win something:

Gobal Winning Chance setting in WP Optin Wheel

If you set Global Winning Chance to 0, players will never win. If you set Global Winning Chance to 100, players will always win. If you set it to anything else between 0 and 100, a simple but fair chance-based calculation determines if the user will win (according to the percentage you defined).

If the system decided the player will lose, they will randomly land on one of your wheel’s “No Prize” slices. So make sure you have at least 1 “No Prize” slice defined if your Global WInning Chance is set to anything lower than 100.

Step 2: determine which slice to win

If the system ran through step 1 and decided the player will win, then it’s ready to move to step 2: deciding which slice the player will win.

It does so by looking at the Winning Chance setting you defined for each slice: 

Slice winning chances in WP Optin Wheel

A slice with higher chance percentage of course has a higher chance of being picked by the system, but there is no guarantee as it is a simple but fair chance calculation.

Let’s say you defined 2 winning slices:

  • Slice #1 has a 70% chance.
  • Slice #2 has a 30% chance.

This does not mean that for every 10 players, 3 will for sure land on slice #2. It only means there is a 30% chance that each player lands on slice 2, but there is no guarantee.

In fact, they are more likely to all land on slice 1 as it has a much higher chance of being picked.

By doing this, the game is fair and equal to all players as the same chance calculation is performed for all players (and they are not impacted by previous results).

Limiting prizes

Since the game is fair, chance-based, and without guarantees, it means you have no way of knowing beforehand which prizes will be won and how many times.

That’s potentially problematic. What if you want to offer a “grand prize” that’s very valuable, like a TV or cash price? You don’t want to go bankrupt so you want to make sure this prize can only be won 1 time.

For this reason, we added a way to limit prizes:

Enable prize limits in WP Optin Wheel

This setting allows you to define a maximum limit for each winning slice. You can make sure your valuable prizes are won only a few times.

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