How to disable WooBought on certain pages

Note: This document is about the premium version of the plugin.

To maintain a good user experience, you may want to disable WooBought on certain pages. For example, when a user is on your checkout page, you probably don’t want to distract them with notifications. To exclude notifications on those pages, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the settings page via Dashboard > Settings > WooBought Pro.
  2. Navigate to the Display Options tab.
  3. Find the Exclude on These Pages setting.
    Exclude pages in WooBought
  4. Click on the pages you don’t want WooBought to appear on.
  5. Aside from all your WordPress pages, there are also 3 group settings (denoted in blue).
    Woobought disable pages - group settings
    Here’s what they mean:

    1. Front page: your home page as denoted in Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays.
    2. Posts page: the page listing all your (paged) blog posts. Also set via Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays.
    3. All blog posts: excludes WooBought on all your pages with a single blog post.

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