How to export fields and import somewhere else

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce has a few built-in ways to export fields and configuration to other places in your site, or even another website. In this article, we’ll cover all available methods.

Exporting per-product fields

If you’ve created fields directly on your WooCommerce product via the Edit Product screen, you can export those easily. On the Edit Product screen, navigate to the Custom fields section and click the Export button at the top:

Export APF fields from single WooCommerce product

A popup appears with the export code you can copy.

Export code output

You can import the fields into another product via the same way. Navigate to the Custom fields sections on your product, but this time click the Import button. Paste the code into the text box and click Import.

Note that importing fields and configuration will overwrite previous data.

Exporting a single global field group

Exporting field groups (created via WooCommerce Product Fields) works in a similar way. Go to the product field group you’d like to export and find the Export button in the sidebar:

You can import your data into another field group, or even a single product if you want.

Exporting all field groups

When you are working on a staging/test site, you may want to export all field groups (created via WooCommerce → Product Fields) in one go and import them into your new website. This can be done through WordPress’s built in way to export & import posts or pages.

In your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Tools → Export. Select Product Field Groups and click Download Export File.

Export all your field groups

Importing into another website

To import the field groups into another WordPress website, navigate to Tools → Import. If you haven’t installed the default WordPress importer yet, click Install Now:

Install the WordPress importer

Once installed, click Run Importer. On the next screen, upload the exported file and click Upload file and import. WordPress will ask you to assign an author for the data.

Important notes about exporting and importing:

  • If you import data into individual field groups or products, you will lose all previously created fields and configuration. In other words, the import overwrites the data that is already there.
  • When you are importing image swatches or other image fields into another website, please note that the images are not downloaded into your other website. You will have to upload those yourself and link them again to the fields.

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