How to translate WP Optin Wheel with WPML

WP Optin Wheel has you covered to create and translate multiple spinning wheels. The plugin works well with WPML for your multilingual website. In this article, we’ll run through what you have to do to translate your optin wheels to other languages and make sure it shows up on the correct pages of your website. There’s no limit to how many languages you can translate your opt-in wheels to!

For the purpose of this article, we assume you already have a wheel up & running for your main language (English, in our example).

Step 1: translate your wheel

Go to Settings → WP Optin Wheel Pro → Wheels and find the wheel you want to translate. Press the Duplicate icon which automatically duplicates your fortune wheel:

Duplicate your WP Optin Wheel in WordPress

Now click the Edit icon (the pencil) on your newly created wheel to start editing it. Navigate to Settings → Content Settings and translate all messages for your spinner wheel there.

Step 2: assign the correct wheel to the correct language

In the next step, you have to tell our plugin to show the spinning wheels only on pages for a certain language. Depending on what type of wheel you created, the process is different:

You are using your opt-in wheel as a shortcode

Easy! If you are embedding your spinner wheels on posts or pages via the shortcode [wof_wheel], then you simply have to implement the correct shortcode on your translated pages.

An example:
let’s say you created 2 wheels: one wheel for your English pages (with ID 200) and another wheel for your French pages (with ID 201). On your English pages, use this shortcode:

[wof_wheel id="200"] which will load the wheel with ID 200.

On your French pages, use this shortcode:

[wof_wheel id="201"] which will load your French wheel with ID 201.

Note: you can find your wheel ID on the Wheels tab of our plugin’s settings page.

You are using your opt-in wheel as a popup

If you are using your spinning wheel as a popup, you’ll have to let our plugin know on which pages to load your wheel. Edit your wheel and go to Settings → Behavior settings.

Find the Show for languages setting and select the correct language there.

When you’re done, save your wheel.


That’s all there is to it! It’s very easy to translate your WP Optin Wheel popups or spinning wheels with WPML for your multilingual website. We hope this article was useful to you!

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