Integrate APF with Porto theme

To integrate our plugin, you’ll need to do 2 things: disable Skeleton screens and add a code snippet for the Porto quick view functionality.

Skeleton screens

Porto has a setting called Skeleton screens, which adds a loading animation to every product page to lazy-load the HTML. Our plugin runs after the page is loaded, but in the case of Porto, the page initially loads with incomplete HTML. This can be fixed in 2 ways:

Turning off this feature in Porto can be done on product level, or globally (for every product at once). To turn it off globally, go to Appearance → Theme Options → General and find the setting to turn off skeleton screens on the product pages and quickview.



Implementing our plugin with the Porto quick view can be done by adding the following code snippet to your theme (read here how):

Please supply your license key to unlock the code

Since this is a custom-coded snippet, we kindly ask for your license key so our system can verify your purchase.

Important note when using our Live Content Preview Add-on

Unfortunately, our Live Content Preview add-on does not work with the Porto theme. The theme does not use the standard product gallery template provided by WooCommerce. Instead, they use their own gallery, which is not compatible with our Live Content Preview add-on.

We have contacted the Porto authors a few times to implement a fix for this but, to date, they refuse to do it. Feel free to contact their support team too so they realize this is an important issue. It is easy for them to implement a fix in the form of a setting or code snippet to load the standard WooCommerce product gallery template instead.

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