The plugin slows down my site

First things first: this plugin is written with site speed in mind. It is very fast, handles data in a smart way, and does not add a lot of overhead to your site. If you are experiencing site speed issues, there is a high chance that our plugin is not the cause.

That said, if you have many product categories and you feel like this plugin is slowing down your site, continue reading.

Disable category settings

As you may know, our plugin allows you to define quantity settings per-product, but also in bulk via product categories. If you are not using our plugin on category level, you can disable showing the settings on product categories. This may increase processing speed by a tiny margin if you have a lot of product categories.

To disable the settings, add the following code snippet to your site:

Supply your license key to unlock the code

Since this is a custom-coded snippet, please enter your license key so we can verify your purchase.

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