About Studio Wombat

Focus on quality — not quantity

These are our core values

Quality over quantity
When developing a plugin, we will prioritize features. Not every feature will make it into the plugin so we do not bloat it.
Need for speed
We understand you’re running more than one plugin. We keep ours speedy & lightweight so your site runs as fast as possible.
Timely support
We strive to offer support with a quick turnaround time, because you need a company you can rely on.

Hi, we're the team behind Studio Wombat

We’re Maarten & Ine, the founders of Studio Wombat. Maarten is in charge of everything technical: from development to support. Ine keeps a close eye on all content & communication.

We’re a small team, but thankfully we can rely on various freelancers to help us out when needed.

Even though we’re based in Belgium, we like to move around and explore while we work. As you may have guessed from the name of this website, Australia is one of our favorite destinations!

Ine and Maarten - Founders of Studio Wombat

Our timeline

Learn about our journey — from past to present

2015 — idea

After working as a web developer for over 6 years, I quit my job to travel through Australia — while dreaming of selling digital products to sustain a traveling lifestyle.

August 2017 — launch

After two years of perfecting my WordPress development skills, I launched Studio Wombat as a ‘side hustle’ in the summer of 2017. I wrote about it here. I started with three small plugins, one of which is still popular today.

November 2017

I launched WP Optin Wheel, which was the first plugin of its kind for WordPress & WooCommerce users.

August 2019

I launched my most popular plugin to date: Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce. Studio Wombat started moving away from ‘side hustle’ to main occupation.

Oktober 2019

At this point, the website was getting about 100 visitors per day. It’s a small milestone but an important one nonetheless.

April 2020

Website traffic doubled to about 200 visitors per day. Most visitors came from my free plugins on the WordPress plugin repository.

October 2020

Studio Wombat continued to grow, and I needed to outsource the first task to a freelancer to free up my own time.

December 2020

It was a good year for Studio Wombat. I wrote a transparency report containing numbers about the growth. I plan to do this every year.