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WooCommerce Discounts

The most user-friendly yet advanced discount plugin for WooCommerce. Add storewide discounts, bulk discounts, BOGO deals, gift products, dynamic discounts depending on criteria, role- or cart-based discounts, and more!

WooCommerce Discounts By Wombat Plugins
Illustration depicting the discount creation wizard of WooCommerce Discounts

Flexible WooCommerce discounts

Create any type of discount imaginable:

  • Automatic fixed price or percentage-based discounts.
  • Volume, bulk, and quantity discounts.
  • Free products or samples, like Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF).
  • Popular discount deals: BOGO, Buy 3 for 2, 2+1 free, flash sales, etc.
  • Dynamic discounts based on cart contents, user roles, amount spent, …

Powerful options

The plugin is easy to use but comes with all features store owners need:

  • Easily assign WooCommerce discounts to multiple products, categories, variations, or attributes.
  • Add extra conditionals to define when the WooCommerce discount should be applied. Select specific user roles, individual users, cart conditions, and more!
  • Schedule your discount to run at a later date by adding a start and end date & time.
WooCommerce Discounts has advanced options to configure any discount
WooCommerce Discounts - Discount Messages

Showcase your discounts

Ensure your customers are well-informed about any discounts available and how they can benefit from them.

  • Show sales badges on your WooCommerce shop page.
  • Display sales prices on the shop page.
  • Add custom messages to the cart when discounts are applied.
  • Include custom content on product pages to inform users of discounts.

The most feature-rich discount plugin

that doesn’t slow down your website!

Automatic discounts
Discount your products by setting automatic fixed-fee or percentage-based discounts on any (or all) of your WooCommerce products.
Free products
Offer free products as an incentive. Offer “Buy 1, Get One Free” or any other free deal.
Buy X, Get Y at a discount
Offer powerful discounts where customers have to purchase certain products to get discounts on matching (or other) products.
Quantity or volume discounts
Set up quantity-based (bulk) pricing rules and display tiered pricing tables on your WooCommerce product pages.
User & role pricing
Create discounts for specific users or groups (roles) so you can apply WooCommerce customer or role-based pricing.
Cart conditions
Only activate discounts based on cart contents: total spend, item quantities, or specific products.
Repeat discounts
Recursively repeat discounts: Buy 2, get 1 free. Buy 4, get 2 free. Buy 6, get 3 free, etc.
Schedule discounts
Run sales at a later date! Schedule discounts by setting a start and end date & time.
Modern & fast
This is a new plugin that doesn’t have to support old Woo or WP versions so you can benefit from modern, fast code.

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Version 1.0.4
Last updated 3 days ago
Changelog View here
WordPress 5.8
WooCommerce 7.6.0
PHP 7.4
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WooCommerce Discounts FAQ

What types of discounts can I create?

The WooCommerce Discounts plugin lets you create many different types of discounts:

  • Simple (automatic) discounts: Reduce product prices by a fixed price or percentage.
  • Buy products for a fixed price: Purchase a specified quantity of products for a fixed price. For example, “buy 2 T-shirts for $25”.
  • Free products: Offer free products based on items in the cart. For example, you can create WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) deals or promotions involving other products, like “buy a pizza, get a free drink”. Free products can also be automatically added to the cart by the system.
  • Buy X products, and get Y discount: Offer a discount on matching products when certain quantities are purchased. For example, “buy 3 T-shirts and get the 4th at $10 off.
  • Buy X products, and get Y products at a discount: Offer a discount on other products when a certain number of items is purchased. For example, “buy 3 T-shirts and get 10% off on pants”.
  • Volume (bulk) discounts: Provide tiered pricing discounts based on the quantity purchased, rewarding customers for buying in larger quantities. For example, you can give a discount of 10% when users buy 2 to 5 quantities, 20% off when they buy 5-10 quantities, and 30% off for 10+ quantities.

Can I create automatic discounts?

Yes! You can automatically discount any product (or a whole bunch of them) in your store with a percentage or fixed price discount.

This means visitors don’t have to do anything specific to see the discount. They don’t have to enter coupon codes, or add the products to their cart before the discount is displayed.

On the product page, the price label will be marked with the sales price and a “sales” badge will be shown on the shop page too.

Can I create discounts for specific products or variations only?

Yes! WooCommerce Discounts lets you fully control which products receive discounts.

You can apply discounts to product categories, tags, variations, or attributes with ease.

Can I create store-wide sales?

Yes! You can create automatic WooCommerce discounts that apply to all products in your store.

If you want more control, you can fine-tune your product selection and apply discounts only to certain product categories, product tags, variations, or attributes.

Can I schedule discounts at a later date?

Yes, you can schedule discounts to be activated at a later date & time. This is perfect to plan and pre-schedule your sales without requiring extra manual work.

For example, you can set up Black Friday discounts in advance and choose a start and end date so that you don’t need to do anything later.

Will it work with my theme or page builder?

Yes! WooCommerce Discounts is designed to work with any theme or page builder like Elementor. Moreover, it works with new block-based themes and Gutenberg too.

Most of the discount features are not related to theming or layouts, which means it works on all common setups without any theme restrictions.

Does it work in my language?

The backend of WooCommerce Discounts is created in English but is fully translation-ready. By using the standard translation techniques offered by WordPress, you can translate the plugin in any language.

What are the minimum requirements to run the plugin?

WooCommerce Discounts is fully tested with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. If you’re not running the latest versions, you need at least these requirements:

  • PHP 7.4
  • WordPress 5.8
  • WooCommerce 7.6.0
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