What is your refund policy?

We firmly believe in and stand behind our products 100%, but we understand that it cannot work perfectly for everyone all of the time. Below is our refund policy outlined in detail.

Refunds for first purchases

Refunds are given on a case-to-case basis and we reserve the right to deny a request for a refund. Refunds must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You are within the first 14 days of the purchase of the plugin. No refunds will be granted after the first 14 days of the original purchase.
  • Your issue(s) comes from not being able to install the product properly or get the product to perform its basic functions.
  • You have attempted to resolve your issue(s) with our support team.
  • Issues caused by 3rd party plugins, themes or other software will not provide grounds for a refund.
  • You agree to deactivate and uninstall the plugin from your site prior to getting the refund.

By purchasing product(s) from our site, you agree to this refund policy and relinquish any rights to subject it to any questions, judgment or legal actions. We are not liable to cover any differences in exchange rates or fees between the time you purchased and the time you are refunded.

Our plugins have a free version or online demo available. We advice to try those out before deciding to purchase. if you’re unsure our plugins will work for you, send us a pre-sale question (we usually reply within 6 hours).

Refunds for renewal payments

We cannot grant refunds on renewal payments as you have ample time to cancel your subscription. We will send you a minimum of 2 reminder emails prior to your renewal date, and you can cancel your subscription at any time through your Studio Wombat account.

Easily cancel your subscription at any time

If you’ve subscribed to one of our subscription packages, cancellation is straightforward. Simply access your account to cancel at any time. Additionally, we’ll send you two reminder emails before your renewal date to ensure you’re informed and can cancel beforehand.

This refund policy sounds strict. Is it really?

As a small business, we take measures to combat online fraud, including addressing instances where users attempt to refund or dispute charges while still utilizing our plugin. It’s for this reason that our language may come across as strict. Rest assured, our intentions are well-meaning, and we’re committed to providing a positive experience for all our users. If you have a valid refund case, we will happily refund you!

Would you like to request a refund? Please Contact us.

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