Can I use my license on a test/development site?

Yes, you can! In addition to the number of live websites included in your license, you can use your license key on an unlimited number of local, test or development WordPress installs. Whether or not a site is local or a test/dev site depends on its URL.

Any site URL matching one of the patterns below will not be counted as your license’s live-site limit. 192.168.* localhost *.dev dev.* devsite.* */dev *.loc *.local local.* localhost.* *.staging .staging.* *-staging staging-* */stage *.stage-site *.stage *.temp.* *.test .test.* *.sandbox sandbox.* homestead * * * * * * * * * *.updraftclone * * * *.link *

If your test site follows one or more of those rules, our license server will recognize it and it won’t count towards your live usage.

Can I test the plugin on 1 site, then upgrade my license later?

Yes, you can update your license key later and pay the difference. If you want to upgrade, please contact us with your license key in the message.

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