How to claim tax or VAT back?

What if you’ve purchased a plugin with us but your company is exempt from tax or VAT? This article explains how you can claim back the added tax.

If you are located in the US

If you have a US company, you’ll be paying taxes based on the state you’re in. However, if your company is exempt from taxes, you can get a refund for the taxes you paid to us. Unfortunately, the process is not so straightforward. Our payment processor handles all things about taxes and their process is currently as follows:

  1. Contact our payment processor at You’ll notice their contact page has a chat bot. Open the bot and say My USA based company is exempt from taxes. How can I claim back the tax I paid? The bot will tell you it doesn’t understand and ask to forward to a human. You leave your email address and they’ll be in touch with instructions.
  2. Most often, they’ll ask you to send your order number you got when you paid us, as well as an identification number or paper to prove your company is exempt from tax. When you have done so, they will refund the taxes you paid to us in full.

If you’re located in the EU

If your business is located in the EU, you can enter your VAT number during checkout (at the last step). Our payment processor automatically validates your VAT number and, if valid, will remove the VAT portion from the bill.

If you have already purchased the product but forgot to enter your VAT number, you can still do so by editing your invoice. This can be done up to 14 days after the purchase. Our payment processor will automatically refund the VAT portion to you.

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