Setup Facebook Messenger opt-in with ChatFuel

Ever since WP Optin Wheel version 3.0.3, we’re supporting Facebook Messenger opt-in through an integration with ChatFuel. We also offer Messenger opt-in through ChatChamp, but it requires WooCommerce as it closely ties in with your shop. ChatFuel does not require WooCommerce and they have a free tier available, so it’s cheaper than ChatChamp.

Let’s get started!


  • An account at ChatFuel.
  • Create your first bot. It’s very easy, just add a new template (choose ‘blank’) and connect it to your FB page.

Setting up ChatFuel

You’ve got your ChatFuel account and you created your first bot by connecting a template to your Facebook page. Now, it’s time to create a checkbox in ChatFuel. Here’s how:

    1. In the dashboard, click on your bot and navigate to Grow in the side menu.
    2. Scroll down until you see find ‘Acquire users from your website’. Click on ‘Checkbox plugin’.
      Grow page in Chatfuel
    3. Enter your website domain and make sure the green check icon is shown.
      Link your domain in ChatFuel
    4. Close the popup
    5. Next, we need our facebook app ID and page ID to enter into the WP Optin Wheel integration settings.
    6. Go to your Facebook page > About > Scroll down until you see Page Id. Copy it into the WP Optin Wheel settings for ChatFuel.
      Find your Facebook Page ID
    7. Still on your Facebook page, go to Settings > Messenger Platform > and find the ChatFuel app. Copy its ID into the WP Optin Wheel settings.
      Find the ChatFuel app ID in Facebook
    8. Add those ID’s to your settings in WP Optin Wheel.
      Your chatfuel settings in WP Optin Wheel

Setting up WP Optin Wheel

When setting up your wheel, you have 2 options:

  1. Only use Facebook opt-in
  2. Use Facebook opt-in, in combination with your usual opt-in form (such as MailChimp).

We’ll be discussing both options here.

    1. If you only want to use Facebook opt-in, you should select ChatFuel in the first step of the wheel-creation
    2. If you want to use ChatFuel in combination with any of the other tools we connect with (MailChimp for example), just select your preferred tool as you normally would. Then, in the settings of the wheel under Integrations, you can select to also use Facebook opt-in.

You’re now ready to get Facebook subscribers and use ChatFuel to communicate with them!