Does Advanced Product Fields work with CSV (bulk) import?

At the moment, there’s no built-in method to import product fields via CSV. As far as we know, there are also no Product Import plugins that integrates with our plugin to allow you to bulk import fields. So if you are looking to make changes through Excel or Google Sheets and then import them, it will sadly not be possible.

But there are other ways

We built import/export capabilities in the plugin to help you export move our fields around. You can read more about importing or exporting fields here.

And perhaps you don’t need to export or import fields. Did you know APF can assign fields to products in bulk?

If your store has a large number of products that require the same fields, you can create global fields via the menu WooCommerce → Product Fields.

You create global fields once and assign them to multiple products in one go. You can assign them to products via:

  • Product category
  • Product tag
  • Product names/ID’s
  • Product type

If you create new products in the future, that belong to one of the categories above, the product fields will automatically be attached to it.

While this is not the same as a CSV import, we do think this solves the problem of bulk import.

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