Fields not displaying in the cart or checkout

If your product fields are not displayed on the cart or checkout or order (or wrongly being displayed), then please check the following:

1. Check plugin and field settings

Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Product Fields and make sure the display settings for cart and checkout are enabled.

In the settings of each field, make sure the toggles for Hide on cart, checkout, order are turned off.

2. Check you’re not using another add-on plugin too

Are you using another plugin that also adds extra options to products? Running multiple plugins that do the same thing can lead to problematic results. Disabling the other add-on plugin is the only way to solve this.

3. Check you are not using an instant payment plugin

Example of buy now GPay button

Some plugins offer an instant payment button (“Pay Now” or “Buy Now”) often from Google Pay or Apple Pay. These buttons allow visitors to checkout immediately from the product page.

If the plugin adding those buttons does not follow WooCommerce standards, it won’t pick up extra product options added by our plugin.

Unfortunately, disabling the plugin is the only way to solve this.

4. Check if your theme is hiding the fields

Per default, WooCommerce’s cart & checkout templates will display any additional product information that is stored in the cart, including information collected by our plugin. Some themes will override these WooCommerce templates so they can include their own logic and styling. Your theme may decide to keep the design minimal and hide all the additional product information from cart & checkout.

You can check this easily in 2 ways:

  1. Switch to a default theme, like Twenty Twenty One and test again. If your fields appear, you know the cause was due to your other theme.
  2. Make a test order. If our product fields appear on the admin order screen, it means our plugin is working correctly, but your theme decided not to show fields on cart or checkout.

If your theme is responsible, there is not much we can do from our side. You can ask the theme authors if they have a code snippet or other way to display the extra information.

5. Check for ajax add to cart technology

Your theme may be using a technology called Ajax Add to Cart. This is a technology that improves your site’s UX but is not native to WooCommerce.

You can easily test this by adding a product to your cart from the single product page. If you press the Add to Cart button, and the page reloads, your theme does not use the Ajax Add to Cart technology. If the page does not reload (and often shows a “loading” animation instead), then your theme uses Ajax Add to Cart.

While our plugin is designed to work with this technology, some themes implement their own version of the technology without following WooCommerce standards.

Most themes have a setting to turn this technology off. Look into your theme settings, either in a dedicated settings panel or via Appearance → Customize → WooCommerce. If you can’t find such a setting, ask the theme authors.

6. Check plugin compatibility

If 2 or plugins are enhancing the same features of WooCommerce (the cart, product price, etc…), it is possible they don’t work well together unless a specific integration is written.

We have a list of incompatible plugins here.

If you use a plugin that’s on that list, the only way to fix it is by deactivating the other plugin.

Still not working?

If you’ve checked the items above but your fields are still hidden from the cart or checkout, please contact us with a link to your product and a list of active plugins. We’ll help you out soon!

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