The Live Content Preview addon does not work

The Live Content Preview addon for APF allows you to create live previews of what customers enter/upload on your product page.

This article offers troubleshooting tips if the product gallery image does not update change, despite creating the proper configuration.

1. Lazy loading

Check that you are not using a caching or optimization plugin that lazy loads images. Plugins like LiteSpeed Cache will perform their own lazy loading which conflicts with our Live Content Preview add-on. In many cases, turning off the lazy loading setting in your caching plugin will solve the issue.

2. Themes with custom galleries

The Live Content Preview addon only works on the product gallery provided by WooCommerce. If a theme uses a custom-written gallery instead, our plugin is unable to change the images as it doesn’t have knowledge of the custom gallery’s inner workings.

Here are some themes that include a custom product gallery:

  • Porto
  • Blocksy
  • Avada
  • Kadence
  • X-store
  • Flatsome
  • Shoppe

You can determine if your theme uses a custom product gallery by comparing its product gallery to the one in the WooCommerce Storefront demo store. If your gallery looks and acts quite different, there is a chance your theme is using a custom gallery.

Moreover, switching to the Storefront theme (or any other standard theme) should fix your issue.

Now that you’ve found out your theme is including a custom product gallery instead of the standard gallery provided by WooCommerce, what steps can you take to resolve this problem?

Some themes will include a setting or provide a code snippet to revert back to the default gallery in WooCommerce. We have documented the locations of these settings for a few popular themes:

If your theme is not included in this list, it’s worth exploring the possibility of a setting by:

  • Checking for such a setting in your theme’s settings panel or  Appearance → Customize → WooCommerce.
  • Checking your theme’s documentation.
  • Asking the support staff of your theme if such a setting exists or if they can provide a code snippet.

Unfortunately, our plugin is only compatible with the standard product gallery provided by WooCommerce. If your theme lacks the capability to display that gallery, then the “Live Content Preview” addon will not work on the WooCommerce gallery images.

It will still work on static images you add through the Advanced Product Fields plugin though. But we understand that is not what you want to use.

It’s worth asking the authors of your theme if they are willing to include a code snippet or setting to revert back to the WooCommerce gallery. This will ensure that any plugin that adds extra functionality to the WooCommerce gallery will work seamlessly with your theme, making it a win-win situation.

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