Fields not working in popup on the shop page

Some themes or plugins will add a “quick view” popup to your shop page. Each product has a button which opens the popup and displays the product details (and APF fields). It’s meant to quickly view more information about a product without going to the product detail page.

The problem

The problem is that such a popup is not a standard way to display information in WooCommerce. The standard (default) WooCommerce way is the following: each product in the shop page links to the product detail page. WooCommerce doesn’t have built-in support for popups.

Because of this non-standard way, most “quick view popups” don’t work well with our plugin unless the authors have written a specific integration.

The solution

The good news is that Advanced Product Fields supports a few “quick view popup” plugins out-of-the-box:

Check the following article for a full list of supported plugins & themes.

Using any of the above mentioned “quick view” plugins, should solve your issue!

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