How to use seasonal opening hours

With our Business Hours Indicator plugin, it’s possible to configure seasonal opening times. If your hours are different in summer and winter, you can configure them once instead of switching manually every season. In this article, we’ll go over the steps to set this up.

1) Configure your opening hours

For each season, create a new “location” in the plugin. This way, each season can have its own opening hours, special dates, and vacation times. In our example, we created 2 locations: Summer Hours and Winter Hours:

Seasonal locations in Business Hours Indicator

For the sake of simplicity, we use 2 seasons in this example, but you can add unlimited locations (seasons).

2) Use the correct shortcodes

In any shortcode you want to use, set the from and to parameters to tell the system during which dates it should display that shortcode. Let’s say we want to show a table of opening times. We can do that with the mbhi_seasonal_hours shortcode.

Since we have 2 seasons (summer & winter), we will need to write 2 shortcdes:

[mbhi_seasonal_hours location="Summer Hours" from="May 1" to="August 30"]
[mbhi_seasonal_hours location="Winter Hours" from="September 1" to="April 30"]

The system simply checks today’s date and displays the correct shortcode. The other shortcode is ignored.

The value of the from and to parameters should use the format Month Day where Month is an English month written in full.

You can also use the mbhi shortcode with from and to parameters.

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