Key features

Table & indicator

Show standard opening hours tables, as well as a 'now open' or 'now closed' indicator.

Message builder

Write any kind of dynamic message, like It's 7:56AM - open in 1 hour, 4 minutes.

Locations & hours

Add multiple locations, each with their own set of opening hours. Days can have multiple opening times, to close down for lunch.

SEO & caching

The plugin adds SEO-rich content and work with all caching plugins.

Various display settings

Whether you want to group days, abbreviate day names, remove closed items from the list, or more... we've got a setting for it!

Developer API

If you need some custom logic, you can use the API exposed by the plugin. Find out more here.

All features

  • Highly customizable shortcodes to display your opening times in 2 formats: inline text or a table
  • Shortcodes to indicate if you are currently open or closed
  • Alternate message when you’re almost opening or closing
  • Shortcodes to display something only when you are open or closed
  • Powerful message builder to write any type of message depending on your open/closed status (examples below)
  • Supports countdown messages until your next opening/closing time
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Supports multiple time slots per day
  • Supports multiple time zones
  • Support for seasonal hours
  • Disable orders in your Woocommerce store when you are closed
  • Easily style everything with CSS
  • 4 widgets (does the same as the shortcodes)
  • Supports Vacations
  • Supports ‘special dates’ with different opening times (e.g: holidays)
  • Developer API (more info)
  • Start the week on Monday (default), or Sunday
  • The frontend is translated in Dutch, German, English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, French, Bulgarian, Swedish, Danish,
    Slovakian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Croatian, Russian, Czech, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic.
  • beautiful & user-friendly settings screens for you, or your client, to work in

And a lot more…!

Powerful message builder

Aside from displaying opening times, the plugin allows you to define different messages to display on the frontend when:

  • Your business is currently open.
    Example: It's Wednesday 10:15AM, we're now open.
  • Your business is currently closed.
    Example: We're closed now. We open in 49 minutes.
  • Your business is almost closing.
    Example: Hurry up! we're closing in 23 minutes!
  • Your business is almost open:
    Example: We open again in 30 minutes.
  • Today is a special date/vacation:
    Example: Today is Easter. We're closed for the holiday.

The powerful message builder uses dynamic codes (example: {next_open_day} or {countdown}), so you can build any kind of message you want: simple or complex!

Displaying opening times

The plugin is packed with all the necessary settings to display your opening times in any format you desire. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Encapsulate in SEO-friendly meta tags so Google can read your opening hours too.
  • Show the opening hours in a table or as inline text
  • Show in 12h or 24h format
  • Show only the current day
  • Consolidate the output: group days with the same opening hours
  • Abbreviate the days
  • Show/hide holiday hours
  • Show/hide vacation hours
  • Highlight the current day
  • Dynamic table: when today is a special date or vacation, show that in the table.

You get 1 year of updates and support. Payment will not auto-renew.

Version details

  • Current version 3.1.1
  • Last update 16 days ago
  • Changelog View here


  • WordPress 3.7+
  • PHP 5.4+

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