Fields not displaying on the product page

You’ve configured your product fields, either via WooCommerce > Product Fields or on a product itself via the Edit Product screen, but when you navigate to the product, the fields aren’t there! Now what?

Make sure your product is fully configured in WooCommerce. To do so, double check the following items:

  • If you’re using a simple product, make sure it has a regular price set in the General tab of WooCommerce. WooCommerce needs a price, even if it’s just zero. If no price is set, WooCommerce will not display the Add to cart button.
  • If your product is variable, make sure all your variations have a regular price too.
  • If you’ve enabled stock management, make sure the product is in stock and purchasable.
  • If you’re using a page builder plugin (like Elementor, Oxygen, Divi, Beaver Builder, Jet Woo Builder,…); make sure they support WooCommerce and you have added the “Add to cart” button widget to your product page.
  • Ensure that your theme includes the woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button action hook. A quick way to check this is to switch to a default theme like Twenty Twenty One. If the fields display with the default theme activated but not with your theme, then it’s likely your theme is missing this hook.
  • Double check that your product really has fields attached to it. If you’re adding fields via the Edit Field Group screen, make sure you’ve selected the product in the Conditionals section of that screen. If you’re adding fields via the Edit Product screen, reload the page and double check your fields are still there.

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