Incorrect price shown on product, cart, or checkout pages

Check the following items if your product price is incorrect on the product, cart or checkout pages:

Check you’re not using another add-on plugin too

Are you using another plugin that also adds extra options to products? Running multiple plugins that do the same thing can lead to problematic results. Disabling the other add-on plugin is the only way to solve this.

Check you’re not using another plugin altering the product price

If you’re using another plugin which also alters product pricing (for example, a Bulk Discount plugin), it has to be specifically compatible with our plugin. Usually that is done by writing a specific integration (which we or the other authors maintain). We have a list of compatible plugins here.

If the other plugin is not in this list, check if you can replace it with a similar plugin on the list.

Check other plugin compatibility

If 2 or plugins are enhancing the same features of WooCommerce (the cart, product price, etc…), it is possible they don’t work well together unless a specific integration is written. If neither we or the other plugin has such an integration, the only way to make our plugin work would be by deactivating the other plugin.

We have a list of compatible and non-compatible plugins here.

if your plugins are not on the list, you can test for compatibility issues by deactivating your other WooCommerce plugins one by one and re-testing. If our plugin works, you know which other plugin causes the compatibility issue.

Check your formulas

Are you using (complex) formulas as price modifiers? Make sure your formulas are valid by checking this document.

Price is incorrect when increasing the quantity

If you find your price is incorrect when you increase the quantity (from 1 to 2, for example), check that your pricing settings are correctly taking into account quantity.

For example, if your pricing type is set to Flat Fee, you will need to change it to Quantity Based Flat Fee, which will automatically multiply the price with the product quantity.

If you are using formulas, you will need to multiply your calculations with the product quantity. You can do that by making use of the [qty] shortcode. Your formulas should look like this:

(...your formula here...) * [qty]

Incorrect prices shown on the cart page

Check below items when your pricing is showing incorrectly on the cart page, but is correct on the product page itself.

Check you’re not using the WooCommerce cart block

Recently, WooCommerce released its new cart block to go with WordPress’ new Gutenberg editor. The problem is that this cart block does not follow the default WooCommerce PHP standards. As such, our plugin can’t hook into it. Make sure you don’t use the cart block just yet, but stick to the default WooCommerce cart page or cart shortcode.

Check you’re not using the Divi cart block

If you are designing a custom cart page with the Divi page builder, you can’t use their Woo Cart Products module. Instead, insert a text module and include the [woocommerce_cart] shortcode to display that part of the cart. It will look identical to the Divi module so this shouldn’t affect your site’s layout.

Still not working?

If you’ve checked the items above but your product price is still incorrect, please contact us with a link to your product and a list of active plugins. We’ll help you out soon!

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