Swatches are not clickable and prices are not updating

You’ve configured your product fields but when you navigate to the product, the fields are displayed but not functioning correctly. Does your page have any of these symptoms?

  • Images, color swatches and text swatches are not clickable.
  • The pricing summary isn’t showing/updating.
  • None of the price hints are showing/updating.

Please double check the following items:

  1. Are you using our plugin’s pricing options to change your final product price? If you use formula-based pricing in any of your fields, please double check your formulas.

    Make sure your formula really is a formula. If your formula is just a simple number, then it is not a valid formula. If you want your product price to increase with a number, you should select “flat fee” or “quantity-based flat fee” as the pricing type.

    We have a more comprehensive checklist here to verify your formulas.
  2. Make sure you’re not using another “Product Options” plugin in combination with our plugin. If you have 2 plugins doing the same thing, you can expect odd behavior from both of the plugins. Disable the other plugin and your issue should be fixed.

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