The file upload field isn’t allowing me to upload ZIP files

When you’re trying to upload zip files via the file upload field, you could face an error like This file type is not supported, even though you added the zip file extension to the Accepted File Types setting of your file upload field.

This happens because some zip compressors use another mechanism to compress files and WordPress is unable to detect the file as a valid zip file. Fortunately, this can be fixed in 2 easy steps.

1. Add a custom code snippet to your site

Enable the new zip format by adding the below code snippet to your active theme (read here how):

Supply your license key to unlock the code

Since this is a custom-coded snippet, please enter your license key so we can verify your purchase.

2. Add the new type to the Accepted File Types

Head over to your file upload field’s settings and add both zip and zip2 as accepted files:

Add both zip and zip2 as accepted file types

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