Troubleshooting fatal PHP errors

In this article, we’ll list some errors we came across while helping users troubleshoot issues. If you’re seeing the same error, there’s a good chance this article will help you fix it!

Fatal error: Call to a member function setTime() on bool in …

This error suggests you are using a field of type “Date” that contains some wrongly configured settings. Make sure to check the date field settings and there are no typos or wrongly formatted dates in any of the field’s settings.

Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to …field_group_to_raw_fields_json() must be an instance of SW_WAPF_PRO\Includes\Models\FieldGroup, string given.

This error can happen when you’re using the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. If you’re seeing this error, make sure SiteOrigin is not enabled on the Product Field Group pages. If it is enabled, it might wrongly take over the post saving process when you’re creating a new field group. To disable it, navigate to Settings → Page Builder and in the Post Types section, make sure to uncheck Product Field Groups.

Disable Product Field Groups in SiteOrigin Page Builder

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