5 best WooCommerce Product Designer plugins in 2024

Drawing a chair design on paper

Want to make your WooCommerce store look more professional? You should consider using a product designer plugin!

Product designers are useful for creating customized products and making your store look more professional overall. You can use them to create personalized products, add extra features to products, and configure advanced product variations.

In this post, we’ll explore the top 5 WooCommerce product designer plugins in 2024. It will help you decide which plugin is right for your use case.

The benefits of using WooCommerce Product Designer plugins

In a nutshell, a WooCommerce product designer plugin lets you customize your products without having to code. You can use it on your WooCommerce store in a variety of different ways:

  • Create variations of existing products.
  • Add extra features to products.
  • Create advanced product variations.

If you sell custom T-shirts, jewelry, or posters, customers can personalize your products with a WooCommerce product designer plugin.

Let’s explore some of the key benefits of using a product designer plugin in more detail:

  • Increased sales. By offering customers the ability to create custom designs, store owners can tap into a new market of customers who are looking for unique, personalized products. As a result, they will see increased sales and revenue for the store.
  • Improved customer satisfaction. Customers who are able to create custom designs that meet their specific needs and preferences are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase. This can lead to repeat business and positive reviews.
  • Streamlined production. Product designer plugins can streamline the production process by providing a clear and accurate design for the store to work from. This can reduce the risk of human errors or misunderstandings during production.
  • Increased brand awareness. Custom products with unique designs can help increase brand awareness as customers use and share their custom items with others. This improves word-of-mouth marketing and can lead to greater brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Competitive advantage. By offering custom product designs, store owners can set themselves apart from competitors and offer something unique to their customers. As a result, customers are more likely to recommend that store to friends and family.
  • Data collection. Product designer plugins can also collect valuable customer data, such as design preferences and purchasing habits. This information can be used to improve marketing and product offerings in the future.

Features to look for in a Custom Product Designer plugin


There are many different product plugins available for WooCommerce. It can be difficult to figure out which one best suits your specific needs and requirements. We’ll cover some of the features you should look for in a good custom product designer plugin.

Customization options

A good product designer plugin should offer a wide range of customization options for customers. At the minimum, it should offer the ability to add text (in different fonts), images (in different formats and with clipart options), and graphics (choose from pre-designed or custom) to the product. This allows customers to create unique designs that fit their specific needs.

Mobile responsiveness

With more and more customers shopping on mobile devices, it’s important that the plugin you choose is responsive and optimized for mobile use. This ensures that customers can easily design their products on the go.

Compatibility with different product types

A good plugin will be able to work with a variety of product types, such as T-shirts, business cards, mugs, or phone cases. This allows store owners to offer custom design options across their entire product catalog.

Design preview and editing

The plugin should provide customers with a clear and accurate preview of their design before they make a purchase. It should also allow customers to edit their custom designs if they spot any errors or want to make changes.

Pricing and discounts

The plugin should offer flexible pricing options, including the ability to set pricing based on the complexity of the design. It should also support discounts and promotions for customers who order multiple items or spend a certain amount.

The best WooCommerce Custom Product Designer plugins

We now know what to look for in a good WooCommerce custom product designer plugin. Let’s take a closer look at 5 of the best plugins for the job.

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Fields (APF) for WooCommerce

Although Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce isn’t a dedicated product designer plugin, it is faster, more lightweight, and has many useful features that allow shop owners and users to personalize their products.

It’s an all-rounder product plugin that allows you to add extra fields to your WooCommerce products. These include text, image uploads, dropdowns, swatches, date fields, and more.

If you’re wanting to use the plugin for product design purposes, there are several notable features worth highlighting:

  • Adding a text input: If you sell customizable T-shirts, you can allow users to type in their desired text to feature on the T-shirt. The plugin also lets you limit the number of characters and charge extra per character.
  • Adding swatches: If you sell products that are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, or materials, you can add swatches to the product so that customers can choose exactly which variant they’d like to buy. The plugin lets you create image swatches and color swatches.
  • Image upload: Going back to the T-shirt example, the image upload feature allows customers to upload an image, logo, or graphic that they’d like to add to their T-shirt. Images can be uploaded in PNG or JPG format and you can set the minimum and maximum image sizes to guarantee a high-quality print.
  • Product fields and add-ons: The Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce plugin comes with a huge number of features that allow you to customize your products. You can add 16 different field types to your WooCommerce products, including text boxes, number fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, image swatches, color swatches, date fields, and file upload fields. The plugin also lets you add content fields like text fields, HTML, shortcodes, and extra images.
  • Calculation: The calculation feature lets you alter the price of a product based on the amount of customization made to it. For example, you can charge a flat rate for one image uploaded to a T-shirt or charge an additional cost for more text.

Custom posters as an example

Let’s quickly take a look at an example to better understand how you can use the Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce plugin to create personalized products.

If you sell a personalized custom wedding poster, you can use the Advanced Product Fields plugin to let customers enter the text they’d like to add to their wedding poster. For instance, this might be the name of the couple getting married.

A custom poster product in WooCommerce with live preview

You can use it alongside the Live Content Preview add-on so customers see their designs come to life in real time. You can check out the demo here.

Price: A free version is available at the WordPress repository; paid features start at $59.

Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer is a popular product customizer plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce sites. It has no limitations on what kind of products you can design with it. You can use it to design products ranging from T-shirts to pin badges to caps and business cards.

The Fancy Product Designer plugin has a flexible layer system that allows you to customize products by layering up a design with the ability to lock different elements in place as you go.

Fancy product designer frontend demo

In addition to this, it features an interactive placement “upload zone” you can configure. Customers can design in the different “upload zone” areas on a product. The “upload zone” for a T-shirt, for example, might be the front, pocket area, or sleeve.

You can upload design elements in many different formats. Fancy Product Designer supports PNG, SVG, JPS, and PDF file formats.

However, if you’re looking for a product customizer plugin that does more – like the ability to add extra options and add-ons – you might be better off with a plugin like Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce.

Price: $69

WooCommerce Products Designer

Woo product designer by orion

WooCommerce Products Designer is an extension for the WooCommerce plugin that’s designed to help e-commerce stores sell custom products like T-shirts, business cards, prints, decals, and stickers.

Woo product designer demo

The standout feature on offer with the WooCommerce Products Designer plugin is that it has its own clipart libraries and image filters. This makes it a good choice for anyone that wants to give customers plenty of customization options to choose from.

Unfortunately, a lot of the really worthwhile features are only available in the Pro version of the plugin. If you need SVG file compatibility, a “Save designs for later” feature, and custom pricing options, then you’ll have to purchase the premium version of the plugin.

Price: Free version available, paid features starting at $99.

DesignO by Design’N’Buy


The DesignO plugin is specifically built for WooCommerce businesses that sell a large number of physical customizable or printable products. This includes products like mugs, T-shirts, caps, as well as paper products like calendars, business cards, and posters.

The DesignO plugin is fully mobile responsive and has 3D preview and ready-to-print vector output files in PDF and CMYK. This makes it a good choice for businesses that offer high-quality printing services.

The product designer plugin comes with pre-loaded templates, fonts, and clipart out of the box as well as a personalized brand studio with your brand name and logo.

While DesignO is a good option for a web-to-print store that focuses mainly on custom printed products, it might not be enough for you if you want more options for altering and leveraging your products.

Price: Unknown, request a quote.

Product Designer by PickPlugins

Product Designer by PickPlugins

Product Designer is a free WordPress plugin that does what it says on the tin: it’s a simple product designer plugin that lets users customize products as they wish.

The Product Designer plugin has its own built-in clipart library with an AJAX filter for pagination. This ensures that it doesn’t slow load times on your site. There are over 50 Google Fonts to choose from, with the option to add your own fonts.

The plugin also offers design preview and design download functionality that enables customers to download and share their designs before placing an order. However, the premium version of the plugin comes with much more interesting features, such as setting a custom price for different clipart and text. It also allows you to add curve text, QR codes, and barcodes to bespoke designs.

Price: Free.


By utilizing a powerful WooCommerce custom product designer plugin, you can level up your WooCommerce store and start creating a whole array of unique and interesting customizable products to sell. This is a great way to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce design costs for your business.

A plugin like Advanced Product Fields may not be a dedicated product designer plugin, but it’s actually much more powerful. It is also more lightweight, which is good for your site’s SEO. You can customize your product limitlessly with full control over its appearance and features.

Advanced Product Fields WooCommerce
Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce

The easiest way to create a product designer for WooCommerce.

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