How to Master Quantity Increments in WooCommerce: A Detailed Guide

Setting quantity increments in WooCommerce

Operating an e-commerce store presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to managing inventory and enhancing user experience. One way you can set yourself up for success is by introducing quantity increments in your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches helps you master quantity increments effortlessly. This user-friendly WooCommerce plugin offers a bunch of useful features, helping you with:

  • Setting minimum and maximum quantities 
  • Step intervals
  • Tiered pricing
  • Interactive swatches

In this article, we’ll show you how effortlessly managing quantity increments could revolutionize your WooCommerce store and boost sales – let’s dive in!

What are WooCommerce quantity increments?

Quantity increments in WooCommerce refer to selectors on a product page that allow customers to select the exact quantities of products they want to purchase.

Quantity increments on a product with color swatches

As an online store owner, these increments give you the capability to control how much of a product customers can buy in a single order, providing advanced control over your inventory management.

These increments become particularly useful when selling bundled products or requiring customers to deal in quantity multiples – for instance, if you are selling a particular product in groups of 2, 5, or 10.

Example of max quantity rules + increments

As you can see in this demo example, the customer is only allowed to choose 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 beanies – and if someone tries to buy more than that, a message pops up telling them they need to amend the amount. 

The convenience of selecting these precise quantities during shopping is made possible by the quantity increments in WooCommerce.

It’s important to note that, by default, WooCommerce doesn’t offer the option to alter quantity increments and, instead, permits customers to add any quantity to their carts.

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches (WQDRS) is a great solution. With this plugin, you can dictate quantity increments for products, thereby simplifying the handling of your online store, whether you deal in product bundles, sets, or specific quantities.

Why customizing quantity increments matters

Customizing quantity increments is important for tailoring the shopping experience to the unique needs of your customers. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better control over inventory and order management. When you customize quantity increments, you ensure that product sales align perfectly with the inventory capacity, eliminating instances of unfulfillable orders due to inventory shortages.
  • Improved user experience. This helpful feature lets your customers purchase products in well-suited quantities, eliminating frustration and unnecessary returns. Imagine your product is only sold in packs of 2, 5, or 10 – limiting your quantity selection to these numbers helps you avoid unfulfillable orders.
  • Boosted sales. The intuitive design innovates customers to make bulk purchases or adhere to wholesale requirements, nudging them towards a higher order value and successfully increasing profits. Additionally, it simplifies complex product offerings and makes your bundles, multipacks, and tiered products easy to understand.

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches allows for simple and comprehensive customization by displaying quantity increments in swatches. These color-customizable swatches bring life to the default WooCommerce design and enable you to align your online store aesthetics with your brand identity.

Example of quantity increments in swatches

In specific scenarios where your product requires quantities with decimal points, like selling fabric by the yard or bulk foods by weight, you are well-catered for. Integrating another useful plugin, Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce, allows you to easily tailor product fields to match your unique requirements, including decimal point quantities.

Creating quantity increments for specific products

WQDRS is a powerful quantity increment plugin that allows you to customize these settings for your products, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience. 

Let’s look at how you can set this up: 

  1. Navigate to your WooCommerce product dashboard.Navigating to the products tab in WooCommerce 
  2. Select a product where you wish to apply quantity increments.Edit button on a WooCommerce product
  3. Scroll towards the bottom of the product edit page to locate the Product data section and choose the Quantity tab.Product quantity options with WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches
  4. Find the Step interval field. This field allows you to define your increment step.Editing the step interval in WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches
  5. Enter your desired increment here, such as 5, if you want customers to order in multiples of 5. 
  6. Finally, click Update to save these changes.

Through this simple process, your customers can buy this product only in multiples of the input increment value. 

Creating quantity increments for multiple products

The process for multiple products is very similar to the one we just described, with one small difference: 

  1. Navigate once more to the WooCommerce product tab, but this time, click on Categories.Product categories tab in WooCommerce
  2. Click Edit on the chosen category.Editing an entire category in WooCommerce
  3. Scroll down until you see the Quantity options section, and change the settings as desired.Editing the quantity rules with WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches
  4. Click Update, and you’re done!

How to add plus and minus buttons to product quantity fields

Plus and minus buttons can significantly improve the user experience in your WooCommerce store. These interactive elements allow customers to conveniently adjust the quantity of their chosen item during shopping.

Most modern themes already have this feature, which makes it easier to offer this functionality without requiring extensive coding knowledge or additional plugins. Therefore, selecting a theme that includes this feature is important to ensure a smooth, user-friendly shopping process. 

Astra, for instance, is a fast, fully customizable theme perfect for online stores. 

Astra is a lightweight and highly customizable WP theme

It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and comes with a built-in product quantity adjuster.

WordPress theme Astra shop page example of a plus/minus button

As you can see in this template demo site, quantity increment buttons allow customers to rapidly increase or decrease the number of items they want to buy, saving precious time.

Some other WordPress themes that have this feature include: 

Setting minimum and maximum order quantities

This method establishes a minimum and maximum quantity of items a customer can buy in a single transaction. Not only does this influence your store’s inventory management and operational efficacy, but it can also shape customer purchasing habits. 

The WQDRS plugin enriches this functionality by allowing store owners to customize minimum and maximum quantity controls for each product. For instance, when a particular product is in high demand or scarce supply, the plugin allows the setting of a maximum limit. Similarly, you can set a minimum order quantity to encourage more purchases if you have excess inventory. 

Setting up min/max quantities with WQDRS is an effortless process if you follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your dashboard and select All products.Navigating to the products tab in WooCommerce
  2. Choose the product you want to set quantity restrictions for from your product list.Edit button on a WooCommerce product
  3. Next, locate the Quantity options module under the product settings.Product quantity options with WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches
  4. Toggle Minimum quantity or Maximum quantity as per your requirement.Setting the maximum and minimum product quantity with WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches
  5. Finally, save your changes by clicking Update.

Another useful feature WQDRS offers is an alert notification for customers who try to order an incorrect quantity. For example, if a maximum quantity of 3 is set and a customer attempts to order 4 items, a pop-up alert will guide them to adjust their quantity. 

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches exceeded quantity message at checkout

This interactive feature helps customers adhere to the quantity rules, enhancing their overall shopping experience and reducing the chance of post-purchase issues. 

Take control of your inventory with advanced quantity management

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches

Inventory management is a critical element in running a successful WooCommerce store. It’s the behind-the-scenes task that, when done correctly, can lead to smoother operations, satisfied customers, and increased profits. 

Effective inventory management minimizes stockouts and wastage, conserves resources, and optimizes cash flow. Moreover, your customers will certainly appreciate always having their preferred products available.

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches can significantly advance these benefits. It allows you to: 

  • Set specific minimum and maximum quantities for each product. 
  • Create quantity increments. 
  • Devise rules for bulk discounts
  • Make use of helpful prompts that guide customers. 

These features collectively contribute to superior inventory control and the potential for increased sales.

Additionally, WQDRS has a user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. The capacity to easily sophisticate your store’s backend, paired with attentive support, makes WQDRS an essential tool in any WooCommerce store owner’s kit.

By harnessing the features of WQDRS, you gain better foresight into your inventory needs. Less guesswork translates to reduced manual tracking and more informed business decisions – all made possible by the extensive capabilities of WQDRS.

Boost your business with WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches

Embracing quantity-based pricing models can transform your e-commerce business strategy. Such models motivate customers to increase the number of their purchases, attracting individual consumers along with wholesale buyers. And naturally, more orders lead to efficient inventory turnover and growth in revenue!

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches also simplifies your operational workload by streamlining stock management. Your store effortlessly adapts and responds to your inventory changes, initiating a smooth and efficient process control mechanism.

The features embedded in the plugin can provide a much-needed facelift to your product pages. Quantity increments, attractive swatches, and discount offers, when displayed right, can reduce cart abandonment and heighten the overall customer experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Try WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches today!