Define bulk quantity discounts (tiered pricing)

It’s a common sales tactic to lower the price of your goods when someone buys a larger quantity and it increases your AOV (Average Order Value). It is also often called “quantity breaks”, “bulk discounts”, “quantity discounts”, “bundle discount” or “tiered pricing”.

In this article, we will show you how to set this up using the WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches plugin.

Define discounts per product or in bulk

You can define quantity discounts in 2 places:

  1. On a single product via the Edit Product screen.
  2. On multiple products at once via the product category. If you have many products following the same quantity discounts, you can define it on the category and all products within that category will get the discounts. You can edit categories by going to Products → Categories in WordPress.

Create pricing tiers

In this section, we will add a discount on the product itself but the process is similar if you want to add discounts to an entire product category.

To define a quantity based discount, navigate to Products → All Products and edit your product. If you’re editing a simple product, you’ll find the settings in the General panel. If you’re editing a variable product, open the Variations panel, click on a variation and find the same settings there.

Quantity discounts (tiered pricing) settings

You can create quantity-based discount tiers for your product in 3 easy steps:

  1. Set the regular price: this is the normal WooCommerce price for your product. This is the price without a quantity discount.
  2. Set the tiered pricing type: this setting is a “helper setting” to let our system know what type of prices you’ll define in the “Tiers” setting below. There are 2 options:
    • Fixed price: the price you enter is the new product price.
    • Percentage: the number you enter is the percentage discount to calculate the new product price.
  3. Tiers: here, you define the actual quantity discount tiers. Each tier has 2 settings:
    • On the left, enter the starting quantity. This is the minimum needed quantity before the price of your good decreases.
    • On the right, enter the product price or discount percentage (depending on the tiered pricing type defined above).

In the example image above, we have defined 3 tiers, resulting in this setup:

  • When the user buys 1 item, the price is $50.
  • When the user buys 2 or more items, the price per item is $45 ($5 discount).
  • When the user buys 5 or more items, the price per item is $40 ($10 discount).
  • When the user buys 10 or more, the price per item is $35 ($15 discount).
  • There is no further discount beyond 10 items. If the user buys 100 items, the price per item is still $35.

Displaying a quantity discounts table

Example of a tiered pricing table on a WooCommerce product

You can choose to display a table informing your customers of the various discounts. To do that, go to WooCommerce Settings Quantity Manager and turn on the Show Pricing Table setting.

When the setting is turned on, a few other settings appear to configure the table to your liking. You can freely define column data and titles.

What’s next?

You can style the quantity selector. Get rid of the standard WooCommerce quantity selector and create your own visually appealing one!

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