Setting quantity rules (min, max, default, etc…)

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts, Rules & Swatches allows you to set the minimum and maximum allowed quantity, change the default quantity, or add step values (quantity increments). These settings are referred to as “quantity rules” in this document. You can set these rules on a single product or on multiple products by their category. 

Rules overview

Here is an overview of the rules you can set:

Quantity rules overview
  • Minimum quantity: define the minimum required quantity per order. An error will show if a user tries to add a quantity less than the minimum.
  • Maximum quantity: define the maximum allowed quantity per order. An error will show if a user tries to add more than the allowed maximum.
  • Default quantity: you can change the default quantity (which is always “1” in WooCommerce) to any non-decimal number.
  • Step interval: you can define the step between allowed quantities. For example, you can define the product can only be bought in multiples of 5 (allowed are 5, 10, 15, 20, … etc).
  • Quantity selector design: replace the default WooCommerce quantity input box with a nicer design. We’ll dive into this feature in detail later in this article.

Setting quantity rules on one specific product

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Products → All Products and edit the product you’d like to apply quantity rules to. If you’re editing a simple product, find the Quantity Options panel:

Quantity options panel for simple products

If you are editing a variable product, open the Variations panel and find the settings in each variation section:

Quantity settings for variable products

Setting quantity rules on multiple products

If you have multiple products requiring the same quantity rules, you do not have to set them one-by-one. Instead, you can define them once on the product category level. The rules will apply to each product within your category.

Navigate to Products → Categories and edit a category. Scroll down to see the quantity settings at category level:

Quantity settings at category level

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