7 best WooCommerce product configurator plugins

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If you run an online store powered by WooCommerce, you know that offering a personalized shopping experience is crucial to attracting and retaining customers. One way to achieve this is by using a product configurator plugin that allows shoppers to customize their purchases.

WooCommerce offers a wide range of product configurator plugins that cater to different business needs and budgets. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best WooCommerce product configurator plugins to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you’re looking to add simple product options or create complex product variations, these plugins have got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore these top-notch WooCommerce product configurator plugins.

1. Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Fields (APF) for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce (APF) is our own plugin, but it deserves a place in this list and I hope you can see that too. It’s a user-friendly plugin that lets store owners create custom product options easily. With its flexible functionality, store owners can add various types of fields to their products, such as checkboxes, clickable images, file upload, or others. The plugin also allows you to set up conditional logic, show or hide fields based on selections, and change the final product price.

Advanced Product Fields is compatible with other popular plugins or themes such as WooCommerce Subscriptions and Discount Rules for WooCommerce. This means that store owners can create complex product variations that integrate seamlessly with other WooCommerce features.

Key features

  • The plugin is lightweight and fast so it has no effect on the speed or performance of your store.
  • Simple to use and setup, with plenty of documentation available.
  • Lots of features out-of-the-box like conditional logic, product price changes, repeatable fields, ….
  • Build complex configurator with live (text/image) preview thanks to its add-ons.
  • Works with layers too.
  • Specifically created for WooCommerce so it offers the best compatibility.


  • You may need to purchase an additional add-on if you have complex product requirements.


The price for this plugin starts at $59 USD.

2. Product Configurator for WooCommerce

Product Configurator for WooCommerce

This is a beautiful WooCommerce product configurator plugin with a free (base) version hosted on WordPress.org. The plugin uses layers to build the configurator.

Using layers means you don’t have to prepare a picture for each possible combination. Instead, you prepare separate layers for the different options. This speeds up the time to configure your products in the WooCommerce backend.

On the WooCommerce product page, the plugin displays a “customize” button. When this button is clicked, the configurator is started and allows customers to personalize the product according to their needs.

One downside we found: the free version is quite basic. For extra functionality, you need to purchase separate add-ons, which makes the plugin more expensive than the competition. We can only recommend this plugin if you can use the free version.

Key features

  • A free version is available.
  • The configurator beautiful good and reacts fast.
  • Better UX than most configurators.
  • Paid add-ons allow you to do more.


  • Free version lacks in features: no repeatable fields, conditional logic or price increases.
  • You need separate paid add-ons for a lot of features, so it can be more expensive than competitors.


The plugin has a basic free version. Add-ons start from $39.

3. WP Configurator


WPConfigurator is a feature-complete configurator solution with many possibilities. It was originally designed for WordPress, but now also includes WooCommerce and ContactForm 7 support.

Just like the previous configurator, it works with layers. Each layer is connected to an option in the configurator. Designing your configuration can be done in just a few minutes using the visual canvas controls. The drag & drop feature allows you to place layers and images wherever you want.

This plugin has some unique features such as adding hotspots to images, but this also means it is quite a complex plugin to navigate. For simple product configurators, this may not be the best choice. For complex products like cars or bikes, this configurator is well suited.

Key features

  • Probably the most feature-complete WooCommerce configurator plugin out there.
  • Modify the product’s color, components, and text.
  • Has “Request a Quote” features built-in.
  • Works with layers.
  • Preview customizations in multiple views.
  • 6 pre-made skins to show on your website.
  • Has a unique “switch view” option.


  • Lots of bells & whistles make it quite complex to navigate in the backend.
  • Initially not meant for WooCommerce.
  • They do not always honor their refund policy.
  • A separate theme is needed for the best look and feel.
  • Quite expensive as you may need multiple add-ons.


Starts at $59 USD, but you may need extra add-ons for basic functionality.

4. Visual Product Configurator

Visual Product Configurator

Configuring a product with many options can be a difficult task. However, the Visual Product Configurator plugin for WooCommerce resolves this uncertainty by enabling customers to visually configure their products. In short, it’s a robust plugin and looks good on your website.

The plugin also offers a range of add-ons to enhance its functionality even further if needed. These add-ons are: the Custom Text Add-on, Form Builder Add-on, Images Upload Add-on, Multiple Views Add-on, Request a Quote Add-on, Save for Later Add-on, Save Preview Add-on, and Social Sharing Add-on.

The plugin also has a free version available although the reviews are mixed. At the time of writing, the plugin exists for 6 years and only accumulated 400 active installs. This may suggest the plugin is not the correct fit for everyone.

Key features

  • Works for any product type imaginable.
  • Extra addons to enhance features.
  • You can design your own form with input fields like text, and checkboxes.
  • Has a free version to test.


  • Reviews/ratings are mixed.
  • No timely support available.


The core plugin starts at $69 USD but you may need extra addons, which are $15 – $25 each.

5. Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer

While we are generally not fans of CodeCanyon, it’s worth noting that occasionally, you can come across a higher-quality plugin on the platform. The Fancy Product Designer plugin is one of those plugins. With over 19,000 purchases, it is certainly a popular choice.

With the Fancy Product Designer plugin, your customers will have the ability to design and personalize a wide range of products, limited only by your imagination. This powerful plugin grants you complete freedom to choose which products and product elements can be customized. Equipped with an extensive array of functions, features, and a user-friendly interface, the Fancy Product Designer is designed to meet all of your product design needs within a single plugin.

The plugin has some unique features such as exporting a print-ready file or automatically send files to Printful.

Key features

  • Suited for a wide range of products.
  • Creates print-ready files.
  • Pre-made templates to start from.
  • Integrates quite well with WooCommerce and feels more “native” than some competitors.
  • Has 3D features.


  • This is a heavy plugin and is likely going to affect your site’s performance.
  • Often feels clunky to use (on the frontend).
  • The UI is a bit outdated with no plans to renew.
  • Support is lacking.


The main plugin costs $69 USD. There are also paid add-ons available to add even more powerful features.

6. Staggs


Staggs is a fairly new plugin on the market, so we will have to see how it develops further. But so far, it looks promising! The plugin offers you a complete toolkit to create WooCommerce product configurators.

Much like other plugins, it is built using the stackable image concept: export individual product image layers and the configurator will stack them upon each other, resulting in the final product image.

Key features

  • Generous free version.
  • Transform simple product pages into product configurators.
  • Easy-to-use product configurator builder.
  • Built-in hooks so developers can extend the plugin if needed.


  • The plugin is quite new, so it is hard to predict if it will be maintained in the long run.


They have a free version available. The paid version costs $59 USD.

7. WooCommerce Composite Products

WooCommerce Composite Products

Although it may not be a traditional product configurator, the WooCommerce Composite Products plugin has the ability to create a basic configurator with a multi-step layout, allowing users to choose from a selection of child products in each step.

It is an official WooCommerce plugin so it is compatible with many other WooCommerce plugins, such as Cost of Goods or WooCommerce Quick View.

Key features

  • Officially developed by WooCommerce.
  • Integrates with some other official plugins.
  • Perfect if you want to add only child products as configurable items to your product.


  • Expensive in comparison to the features it offers.
  • Allows you to add child products only. You can’t add other form elements like text input fields, checkboxes, …


The plugin costs $99 USD.

Final verdict

As always, choosing one option out of many good options is a difficult task, as the decision ultimately depends on your specific requirements. We’ll try to give you some good advice anyway!

If you’re looking for a full-featured WooCommerce product configurator with 3D support, or the ability to create ready-to-print files for you, then the Fancy Product Designer plugin is a good option.

However, it’s worth nothing this is a resource-intensive plugin and likely going to affect your website speed. If you are not planning on using all of its features, we can not recommend going with that plugin.

Instead, it’s worth looking for a lightweight (but still powerful) WooCommerce product configurator. In that case, we can recommend Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce. This plugin does not impact site speed and offers most features you need from a WooCommerce product configurator out-of-the-box. You can explore additional features by using the addons that come with the plugin.

To recap, below are the questions we answered in this blog post:

What's the best WooCommerce product configurator plugin?

We recommend the Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce plugin if you need something lightweight and fast. Fancy Product Designer is a good option if you need print-ready files.

Rank Plugin Key features
1 Advanced Product Fields Fastest & lightweight
2 Product Configurator Beautiful UX
3 WP Configurator Plenty of features
4 Visual Product Configurator Works on any product type
5 Fancy Product Designer Creates print-ready files
6 Staggs Easy to use
7 WooCommerce Composite Products Official by WooCommerce

What's fastest product configurator?

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce only adds about 0.05s to your page load time, making it one of the fastest plugins out there!

Which product configurator plugin produces print-ready files?

The Fancy Product Designer plugin allows you to export the final designs as a print-ready file (in PDF or JPG image).