File upload field

The file upload field allows customers to upload one or multiple files to the product they’re ordering.

Enable the modern file uploader

By default, the file upload field looks quite basic as it uses the default browser version. You can change that to a modern version (often also called “ajax upload”) by enabling the respective setting. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Product fields and enable Modern Uploader setting there.

This changes the upload field to look more modern and adds extra features such as drag & drop support, and a progress bar. Here’s an example of how it looks:

Ajax file upload with progress bar.

How are files accessed through the WP admin?

In the order admin screen, you’ll see a clickable link to the uploaded file(s):

Displaying uploaded files in the order backend

Where are uploaded files stored?

Files are uploaded to the wp-content/uploads/wapf directory. They’re organised by field ID and by customer session ID.

Upload restrictions and other settings

Our plugin has various settings to help you restrict file types etc.. We have a handy blog post here explaining everything.

Troubleshooting file upload issues

Are you having a specific issue with your file uploader? Check our troubleshooting articles:

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