Fixing “Your merge fields were invalid”


This error only occurs to users who are using WP Optin Wheel together with Mailchimp. More specifically, it occurs when Mailchimp requires data that is not being collected by WP Optin Wheel. In other words: the form on WP Optin Wheel is not in sync with your Mailchimp audience.


Fixing it is simple! Make sure the fields that are required on your MailChimp audience are also included and marked as “required” on your WP Optin Wheel form.

To check whether or not a field is required in MailChimp, you can go to your MailChimp account > Audiences > Click the audience you are using > All Contacts > Settings > Audience fields & merge tags. On that screen, you’ll be able to see what fields should be required on the WP Optin form.

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