The plugin is not sending out emails

Have you enabled email settings in WP Optin Wheel but emails are not arriving at their destination? Then this article will help you troubleshoot that issue.

Identify the problem

Although the issue appears with our plugin, it is usually not caused by our plugin. Our plugin does not send emails by itself, but uses WordPress built-in functionality to send the emails. So the issue is with WordPress? Not quite! WordPress has capabilities of sending emails, but it’s actually up to your hosting server to deliver the email to its destination. WordPress just tells your server that it has an email to send.

Often times, hosting servers aren’t fully equipped to send emails, and that’s what is causing the issue. To test that hypothesis, you can perform 2 checks:

  1. Make sure emails are not going to your spam folder. Some email clients might identify emails from WordPress as spam because they’re automated.
  2. Test if your server is capable of sending emails. You can use this plugin to perform a quick test. The plugin allows you to send a quick email to yourself from within WordPress. If it doesn’t arrive, you know your server has issues sending emails.

How to fix WordPress not sending emails

If you’ve run the test above and emails aren’t sending from your site at all, then you need to use a third-party SMTP provider. This basically routs emails through a 3rd party server that is 100% capable of sending emails. Unlike your hosting server, they specifically exist to guarantee email deliverability.

Setting this up sounds harder than it actually is. Here’s a useful guide to get started!

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