WP Optin Wheel exporting an empty log file

After setting up WP Optin Wheel and having people play, you may wish to download the log file to check the winners. However, upon clicking the Logs button on the Wheels tab and downloading the file, you discover it is empty.

Display your WP Optin Wheel logs

This article provides a simple explanation for why this might be the case.

Enable logging in the settings

The issue is most likely that you did not enable the Log Everything setting of your wheel. WP Optin Wheel does not store a complete log by default in order to avoid unnecessary database queries. It only saves what it needs to function properly.

If you want complete logs, you have to enable the setting first. To do so, navigate to the Wheels tab in the plugin backend and edit your wheel. In the last step, Settings, find the Security & Logging tab. Enable Log Everything there:

Security and logging settings in WP Optin Wheel

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