How do licenses work?

All our plugins are using a standard licensing system which unlocks future updates and personal support.

What do I get with an annual license?

Each license comes with 1 year of upgrades and support. Your license is tied to your subscription. When your subscription is charged (once per year), your license expiry date will be extended for another year.

When you cancel your subscription, the license will expire at the end of your subscription date. Your software will keep working as long as you keep it installed but you will not receive support, bug fixes, or other updates anymore.

Please note
If you have an expired license you will not be able to:

  • Activate your plugin on new websites.
  • Download the plugin from your Studio Wombat account.

This means when your license expires, it’s up to you to keep the last version of the plugin you had access to.

What do I get with a lifetime license?

Lifetime licenses will grant you updates and support for life. There’s no need to renew your license. You only pay once.

Which license types are there?

There are usually 3 different licenses available per product: a single-site license, a 3-site license, and a 20-site license. The Single Site license allows you to use the plugin on 1 site, whereas the 20-site license allows you to use the plugin on 20 websites.

Can I use my license on a test or development site?

Yes. Each license is allowed to run on a test or development site without it affecting your license usage. Our license server will automatically detect whether or not the plugin is running on a test or development site. Through the URL of your website, our system can detect if it’s a test/development site or not. To find out what rules are required, please check this article.

How do I use my license?

After purchasing a plugin, you’ll have access to your Studio Wombat account via a password sent to your email. You can use the account area to manage your licenses, download your plugins, and manage your subscription (if you bought an annual license). If you require an invoice, you can also download it from there too.

When you’re using one of our plugins for the first time, you’ll be asked to enter a license key. When the key is validated, you can use the plugin.

Can the license be used a different domain than the original?

Yes! If you have a 1-site license, valid for 1 domain, you can still use the license on a new domain if the following are true:

  • Your license key must be active (not expired).
  • The plugin must be deactivated and removed from the old domain.
  • The plugin is not active on any other site.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes. You can contact us us with your license key so we can send you a link with upgrade options.

Can I downgrade my license?

No. Currently, this functionality does not exist.

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