What is your support like?

Available support types

We offer email support through our “Request Support” page via ticketing software.

Do you offer phone or video support?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer phone or video support, for a number of reasons:

  • Phone support is more time consuming. Ultimately, we would need more support agents to offer phone or video support, which would increase the price of our plugins to account for the additional costs.
  • In order to thoroughly investigate issues, our support agents require a distraction-free environment that allows for thought, testing, or consultation with a developer. Phone calls can be disruptive to this process.
  • Your support agent may be located in a different timezone. Finding a time where both parties are available becomes difficult.
  • Emails are connected to our helpdesk, which automates tasks such as validating your license key. We can not perform the same automated checks over the phone.

Support hours and timezone

During working days, we are generally available 10 hours per day, from about 8AM to 6PM in the evening. Our time zone is Central European Time (CET). You can easily compare your timezone to ours here.

Our support also runs through the weekend but hours are more flexible, so you’ll have to wait longer for a reply.

Reply times

If you are contacting us on working days within our support window, then:

  • Pre-sales or licensing questions are usually answered within a few hours as they are easier to answer than technical requests.
  • For other tickets, our official commitment is to offer a first reply within 20 hours. We usually reply faster and our average reply time is currently 7 hours.
  • Difficult technical requests require us to replicate the issue on our end. Reply time may be a bit longer while we run tests. Usually, we will reply quite quickly if we need additional information from you.

Please note reply times will extend during weekends and holidays.

What types of support are included?

  • Pre-sale questions.
  • Basic support questions.
  • Help with installing.
  • Help with troubleshooting issues.
  • Support for bugs.

What type of support is not included?

  • We can’t set up and configure the plugin for you. We can help when you’re stuck, but we can’t do it for you.
  • Custom-coding PHP, HTML or JavaScript.
  • Changing styling through CSS.

We can help with those types of support for an additional fee, depending on availability.

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