What’s the difference between each version (pro, extended, bundle license)?

The Pro version

The Pro version is the cheapest variant of the plugin and contains the least amount of features. However, that does not mean it’s not powerful! In fact, this version is sufficient for most store owners.

The Extended version

The extended license contains everything from Pro and a few powerful additional features. This version is meant for store owners that require a more complex product/pricing setup. Here are the extra features included in this version:

  • Extra formulas: as you probably already know, our plugin allows you to change the product’s final price. It has a few pricing types , one of which is formula-based pricing. The Extended version has extra features built-in to create powerful formulas. It has various math functions like round or ceil and allows for conditional logic through the if function. A full list of available formula functions can be found here, along with a note of which appear in the Pro or Extended version.
  • Extra option for the date field: the Extended version allows you to disable certain dates, disable weekdays, or set min. and max. allowed dates. All available options are explained here.
  • Change the final product weight: the Extended version can change the product’s final weight depending on selected options. This means the shipping price can increase depending on what customers chose on the product page.

In the future, advanced features like this are likely not going to be added to our Pro version. They will make it into the Extended version instead.

The bundle

The bundle contains the Extended version, as well as all current and future add-on plugins. Add-on plugins extend the core plugin with extra large feature sets. You can view all available add-ons here.

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